Podcast interview on Your Artsy Girl

Episode 11 of Your Artsy Girl podcast: Aileen Cassinetto and Ivy Alvarez

Aileen I. Cassinetto (Poet Laureate of San Mateo County, CA) and Ivy Alvarez (Auckland, New Zealand) feature on Your Artsy Girl, hosted by Cristina Querrer.

A poem from Diaspora: Volume L also features on the Paloma Press website as part of National Poetry Month.

This episode also receives a mention in Cristina Querrer’s 29 April interview with Radio Public: “The second most pivotal episode was when I recorded two poets from opposite sides of the world at the same time! Aileen Cassinetto was in California and Ivy Alvarez was in New Zealand.”

Verse Us 3 Live Poetry

Ivy Alvarez is a featured reader at the Verse Us 3 Live Poetry event, Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 7-9pm at One2one Cafe, 121 Ponsonby Road, Auckland. Special Guest Daren Kamali. Other featured readers include Fiona Stevens, Vana Manasiadis, Ria Masae, Tulia Thompson, Kate Kelly, Jamie Trower, Trisha Hanifin, and Fiona Perry. Free entry. Koha for charity.

Disturbance on stage

Early in July 2019, there is to be a theatrical performance of Disturbance in Japan.

Sorcha Chisholm shares some thoughts on the production:

And so now I’ve been asked to join a production play based on a book of poems by Ivy Alvarez entitled “Disturbance”. The story tells of a domestic double murder suicide/surviving daughter/investigation/news-piece. It’s grim stuff to be sure.

Read the rest here.

Below are some images of the performers in rehearsal.