Hollywood Starlet a 2017 Poetry Fave

Ivy Alvarez’s Hollywood Starlet is poet Collin Kelley’s 2017 fave read:

Vivien Leigh, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and Ingrid Bergman are just some of the acting legends given a fresh voice by Alvarez, who peels away the studio-manufactured façades to explore their inner thoughts and troubled lives. It’s a chapbook I return to again and again.

Read the rest of this crowd-sourced compendium of 2017 fave poetry reads at Dave Bonta’s Via Negativa, which includes Alvarez’s review of Bethany W. Pope’s Silage.

Review of The Everyday English Dictionary

The Everyday English Dictionary by Ivy Alvarez

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens reviews The Everyday English Dictionary for Agape Editions.

A dictionary is such a hard sturdy object, a weapon almost, offering a weighty thud when landing on a table, and yet we cannot hold onto these words and images fast enough. Alvarez mingles the earth with animals and sounds, with someone’s mouth, it is a dream dictionary. We want it to be solid, we want it steadfast, but it floats along waves, out of reach. We cannot define our images, our memories, quick enough.