Jilly O’Brien

I appreciated Ivy keeping to the brief … Her service was efficient and professional, yet within that, my poems were handled gently, and with understanding.

Jilly O’Brien

Working with Ivy has given me so much clarity, where before it was a little bit foggy. I feel like the poems are displayed on walls so you can see them properly now, rather than being stacked up against the wall in the back room, hard to flick through. What was an assortment of poems is now a manuscript with a theme and poems in sequence.

Ashley Capes

Ivy put so much time and thought into the poems I sent her and it really showed in the insights she offered … Her input was really valuable and I feel far more confident for having worked with her.

Xiaole Zhan

I enjoyed how the mentorship was very individualised to my personal goals and needs. I also enjoyed the opportunity for open discussion, which often helped me approach a concept from a different perspective. The opportunity to submit reworked sections of my manuscript for feedback also allowed me to see the ways in which I’d improved.

KV Martins

Ivy guides you towards a better understanding of your own poetry. She encourages you to look at your poetry in a new light.