Hay(na)ku 15 reviewed

In a recent review of Hay(na)ku 15 on Galatea Resurrects, Veronica Montes writes:

This poem, written by Ivy Alvarez, plays like a silent film. And I love the way the sound of susurrus/brushing and bamboo/roof play off of each other in the second tercet:

races me
up the hill

of bamboo
brushing the roof

Peril Magazine

Two poems by Ivy Alvarez, ‘Naghalo ang lahat sa tinalupan’ and ‘Nahuli sa kamay’, feature in the Skin in the Game edition of Peril Magazine.

Hay(na)ku 15

The hay(na)ku form, invented by the poet Eileen R. Tabios, celebrates its 15th anniversary with an anthology, Hay(na)ku 15.

Included are three of Ivy Alvarez’s hay(na)ku, a poem which previously appeared in The First Hay(na)ku Anthology — now translated into Spanish — and a citation of her response to the hay(na)ku form in Abraham Ignacio, Jr.’s Foreword.