For GloPoWriMo 19

Excerpt from “We want to pay”:

the fare rises higher and we go faster, past the sun’s face
and I peel some notes for the driver, cash fingers, fondling finished

For GloPoWriMo 17

Excerpt from “Lumuluha ang bato”:

a stone fits in your hand
a rock in your arms
the women fling wet clothes as is to crush
their enemies, their lives
force out water, too much liquid
in the fabric

For GloPoWriMo 15

Excerpt from “Black hairy tongue with sweet and sour sauce”:

ignore that it is a tongue that rests
on your tongue — the meat is sweet

caused by bacteria or fungi in the mouth
appearing black and hairy, not pretty

For GloPoWriMo 14

Excerpt from “Family fabric”:

the rain raining, reining in nothing, everything a spill,
a spilling over and down, keep quiet, keep quiet now