Hay(na)ku 15 reviewed

In a recent review of Hay(na)ku 15 on Galatea Resurrects, Veronica Montes writes:

This poem, written by Ivy Alvarez, plays like a silent film. And I love the way the sound of susurrus/brushing and bamboo/roof play off of each other in the second tercet:

races me
up the hill

of bamboo
brushing the roof

Review of The Everyday English Dictionary

The Everyday English Dictionary by Ivy Alvarez

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens reviews The Everyday English Dictionary for Agape Editions.

A dictionary is such a hard sturdy object, a weapon almost, offering a weighty thud when landing on a table, and yet we cannot hold onto these words and images fast enough. Alvarez mingles the earth with animals and sounds, with someone’s mouth, it is a dream dictionary. We want it to be solid, we want it steadfast, but it floats along waves, out of reach. We cannot define our images, our memories, quick enough.

Manifesto Aotearoa review nod

Partway through Nicholas Reid’s review of Manifesto Aotearoa: 101 Political Poems, he admits “…an anthology tempts me to play favourites and name the selections I found really striking.” Among the poems he singles out is one by Ivy Alvarez.

A poem that really shook me was Ivy Alvarez’s “Manufacture” (p.65) about the crushing and wearing nature of working on the factory floor…

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