A 2015 Tasmanian Poetry Festival highlight

Two highlights of this year’s Festival include a Masterclass with Ivy Alvarez, ‘Poems that Pack Punch’, on the afternoon of Friday, October 2nd.

“Ivy has a very strong international reputation and we are thrilled to offer the chance to learn from one of the best,” Mr Hindrum said.

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Straddling cultures at the Brisbane Writers Festival

“In my own writing I’ve enjoyed that kind of strangeness; I’ve often enjoyed the feeling of being an outsider, and I realise there are often some traumas and delights in that.

…I think poetry flies too far under the radar [in Western culture, for repercussions]. And I am privileged in that way, that I don’t have to kowtow to commercial concerns and change what I want to say in my poetry. I know a lot of people don’t have that privilege, so I feel similarly lucky.”

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Launch: Over the Line exhibition, anthology

Join in on readings by contributors to Over the Line at the London exhibition. Click for more details: Over the Line event.

The anthology, which includes collaborative comic-poems by Lorraine Mariner, W.N. Herbert, Chris McCabe, John Aggs, Ivy Alvarez, Sophie Herxheimer, Sean Azzopardi, John Canfield, Oliver East, Inés Estrada, Amy Key, Christian Ortiz, Rob VonRamm and others, will also be launched.