Hollywood Starlet a 2017 Poetry Fave

Ivy Alvarez’s Hollywood Starlet is poet Collin Kelley’s 2017 fave read:

Vivien Leigh, Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and Ingrid Bergman are just some of the acting legends given a fresh voice by Alvarez, who peels away the studio-manufactured façades to explore their inner thoughts and troubled lives. It’s a chapbook I return to again and again.

Read the rest of this crowd-sourced compendium of 2017 fave poetry reads at Dave Bonta’s Via Negativa, which includes Alvarez’s review of Bethany W. Pope’s Silage.

Rebecca Loudon reviews Hollywood Starlet

“…Alvarez does more than give voice in this deceptively slim chapbook. She gives the starlets portals through which to enter our modern. She revives their haints … by telling their truths and each jump each famous beauty brings us deeper down a rabbit hole and as I read this book my house gave way with the strength and true of these women.”—Rebecca Loudon

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Hollywood Starlet by Ivy Alvarez