Alan Moore recommends Over the Line anthology

“This is that spine-tingling moment when two attractive and sophisticated forms, both admired for their rhythm and sense of timing, eye each other across the cultural dance floor. In Over the Line, at once an insightful introduction and a comprehensive showcase for the emerging phenomenon of Poetry Comics, Chrissy Williams and Tom Humberstone provide the best possible venue for what looks like being a breathtaking tango. I really can’t recommend this venture highly enough, and I’d advise you mark your card immediately.”
—Alan Moore

Over the Line features the Cristian Ortiz-Ivy Alvarez poem-comic collaboration, “Unbreakable”. Read the rest of the article, Sidekick Books: Over The Line.

Over The Line: An Introduction to Poetry Comics, edited by Chrissy Williams and Tom Humberstone, is out now and available via our site. Bookshops should be able to order it in from Thursday. One of our two launch events has been and gone - wine, short readings and talks were laid on at the ...


Straddling cultures at the Brisbane Writers Festival

“In my own writing I’ve enjoyed that kind of strangeness; I’ve often enjoyed the feeling of being an outsider, and I realise there are often some traumas and delights in that.

…I think poetry flies too far under the radar [in Western culture, for repercussions]. And I am privileged in that way, that I don’t have to kowtow to commercial concerns and change what I want to say in my poetry. I know a lot of people don’t have that privilege, so I feel similarly lucky.”

Read the rest of the article, Samhita Arni, Eka Kurniawan, Ivy Alvarez and Patrick Holland straddling cultures at the Brisbane Writers Festival.