Disturbance on stage

Early in July 2019, there is to be a theatrical performance of Disturbance in Japan.

Sorcha Chisholm shares some thoughts on the production:

And so now I’ve been asked to join a production play based on a book of poems by Ivy Alvarez entitled “Disturbance”. The story tells of a domestic double murder suicide/surviving daughter/investigation/news-piece. It’s grim stuff to be sure.

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Below are some images of the performers in rehearsal.

Disturbance in Top Ten

[Disturbance] “…is a poetry collection published by Seren Books, where I used to work, and I think it’s fantastic. It’s narrative poetry that tells the story about a family and their community after the father of the family murders his wife and son and then kills himself. It’s so well executed, and so worth your time.” —Jess Gofton

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