For GloPoWriMo 18

Excerpt from “Probability of x”:

how does it go again
the use of ropes or the avoidance of magnets
an ocean voyage or swimming in your tub
virus not a cell benign and happy in its own company

For GloPoWriMo 8

Excerpt from “Lumilipad pa sa ala-paap”:

a muscle moving underwater

for the notes it makes

every fin conducting dreamily

through clouds of silt

roiling in a chase for food

flex and bend of the body

the clouds then unburden

a timpani on the umbrella

percussing the lilypad’s stem

For GloPoWriMo 7

Excerpt from “banana”:

for hunger’s sake : beholden :

portable : shaped for the hand : completely

equivalent to every answer

you can think of

For GloPoWriMo 6

Excerpt from “Parsimony”:

purposeless epaulettes

the spots don’t change

inherited freckles, circumstantial

a leopard wanders in, panting

For GloPoWriMo 5

Excerpt from Euphemisms:


women exchanging coffees for euphemisms, bearing

cups around the corner, cargo fragile, walk with balance,

it’s only seven blocks down, don’t look away,

this is where you started, there is no retinal rescue,

not for me, nor for you