For GloPoWriMo 4

Excerpt from Procedure:


the sucking limbs climb out of water,

cracks the shell for meat, sentient enough

to pour in my mouth, right before

I wake up, swallowing the long entire coast

For GloPoWriMo 3

Excerpt from Revelations:

forehead chest shoulder shoulder, utter habit, a jolt wakes

the sleepers who blink, ashamed of open faces, one wails

stop, Drive, no last syllable, the shout drops away to a hush

and the Liffey’s low tide reveals chrome bikes, by the way

For GloPoWriMo 2

Excerpt from Real estatehood:

knotting, falling out, we tip level luscious

the lawn effervescent, a stunner in brick

obsolescence, too much music, cedar solid

For GloPoWriMo 1

Excerpt from “Lumilipad ang isip”:

in the leaves, a fresh green body

patinating verdigris, old chicken feet

simmering in broth, so salty

I can taste nothing else