Suzy Sampson on Stop Kiss

Ivy Alvarez plays both Mrs Winsley, the woman who witnessed the attack, and the nurse who cares for Sara in the hospital — the first with an intriguing nervousness that leaves the audience wondering what it is about her husband that Mrs Winsley is hiding from the detective.

Peter Le Baige

Loved the intense physicality of the poems, so tightly bound into their sounds as well.

Natalie Linh Bolderston on Diaspora: Volume L

Alvarez is able to deconstruct and interrogate language and contextual meanings at a highly granular level, and craft a series of compelling re-interpretations.

Natalie Linh Bolderston on Diaspora: Volume L

In a way that is unique to her, Alvarez’s engagement with […] idiomatic language creates a sequence of works that illuminate the beautiful — and at times disquieting — rhythms of living in the Philippines, and far beyond.